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Random Maunderings

A Girl and Her Geekery

1 December 1969
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So what's to know? I'm a soprano. I'm into watching cartoons, cheesy 80's tv (A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard, etc.), sf/fantasy, tornado videos, and musical stuff (Broadway, opera, and folk mostly). I tend to read fantasy, Regencies, history, meteorology, and folklore. My musical tastes run from opera to classic rock to Celtic with a few interesting detours. I'm into anime, American history (Colonial era), folklore (especially Celtic), music, acting, writing, wandering, and generally having my kind of fun. http://kevan.org/brain.cgi?katfairy.
a-team, american folklore, animal crossing, anime, anne mccaffrey, anne of green gables, arisia, babylon 5, batman, batman beyond, blair sandburg, british comedy, c.s. lewis, cats, celtic culture, celtic folklore, celtic music, charlotte macleod, chocolate, choral singing, clan macleod, clannad, classic rock, cloud formations, clouds, colonial american history, deep space nine, diagnosis murder, diane duane, discworld, doctor who, donna andrews, dragons, dry humor, due south, duncan, duncan/methos, dungeons & dragons cartoon, extreme weather, fairy tale retellings, fairy tales, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy of manners, fencing, folk music, folklore, forever knight, gaelic, garb, ghost stories, ghosthunting, ghosts, gilbert & sullivan, gilbert and sullivan, giles, good omens, great big sea, h, highlander, history, hms pinafore, hurricanes, iolanthe, ireland, james keelaghan, janet evanovich, jim ellison, joe, joel, judith a. lansdowne, kitties, knight rider, l. frank baum, lady blanche, lightning, maine history, mary jane lamond, medieval music, megan, mercedes lackey, methos, mikado, mitg&sp, monty python, mozart, muppets, music, musical theater, musicals, mysteries, mystery novels, mythology, naomi, new england, new england history, old rock, opera, operetta, paul winter, pfennig-halbpfennig, pirates of penzance, poetry, pokemon cartoon, rafe, reading, recs, renaissance music, ruddigore, sci-fi/fantasy, scots, sentinel, show tunes, simon & garfunkel, simon banks, singing, solas, spider robinson, storm chasing, storms, supercells, swords, tamora pierce, terrence mann, terry pratchett, the mikado, the muppets, the princess bride, the sentinel, theater, thunder, tom lehrer, tornados, trial by jury, tv, twisters, urban fantasy, used bookstores, vocal music, walking, weather, weird al, wierd al, wind, writing, yeomen of the guard